hotel zen tokyo

Category: Hotel

Design: SEN Taro Kagami / 10architect Katsushige Kinoshita

Cooperation: Design BACCHUS Naotaka Kojima

Construction: YD Support

Structure / Scale: 2 stories underground/ 5 stories above

Total floor area: 1000㎡

Location: Ningyocho, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Date: Mar. 2019

This is a beautifully designed capsule accommodation aimed to solve urban problems through a "tea room-like micro space". The interior of the building was completely renovated from a long-established kaiseki restaurant in Ningyocho, which had ceased operations and was renting out the entire building. The beauty of concept and design are realized while being minimalist with facilities and cost.

hotel zen tokyo

用途: ホテル

設計: SEN 各務太郎 / 10architect 木下勝茂

協力: デザイン BACCHUS 小島直剛

施工: YD サポート

階数: 地下2階、地上5階建て

床面積: 約1000㎡

所在地: 東京都中央区日本橋人形町1-5-8

開業: 2019年3月