Robotcom &

Category: Factory

Interior: atelier SWANS

Construction: Kureha Nishiki Construction

Structure / Scale: Steel Construction (factory&office) Wood (training facility) / 2 stories

Site area: 36,247.45㎡

Building / Total floor area: 4,506.33㎡ / 6,006.64㎡

Location: Minamisoma, Fukushima

Date: May 2021

The Minamisoma factory of Robotcom & Fa.Com was the first company to be invited by the city of Minamisoma to establish a robotics industry in the reconstruction industrial district. This project attracted attention in the manufacturing industry as the first innovative factory which was “designed”. Due to the tsunami-affected soft ground, the foundations of the factory were reinforced with 'columnar improvements’. The client’s determination to create a cool futuristic factory where workers can be proud of their work made this space possible that will improve the well-being of workers and the image of the manufacturing industry, with the power of design.

ロボコム・アンド・エフエイコム 南相馬工場

用途: 工場

協力: 株式会社 atelier SWANS

施工: クレハ錦建設株式会社

構造 / 階数: S造(工場・事務所棟)木造(研修棟) / 地上2階

敷地面積: 36,247.45㎡

建築面積 / 延床面積: 4,506.33㎡ / 6,006.64㎡

所在地: 福島県南相馬市原町区南相馬市復興工業団地内

竣工: 2021年5月