Villa in Kawana(Shizuoka)

Category: villa

Cooperation Furniture: Interior design: TEN-NEN-SHA(Tokyo)

Structure / Scale: reinforced concrete/4stories

Building / Total floor area:  

Location: Kawana Ito Shizuoka, Japan

Date: Date: Nov. 2010

This is villa built in the slope place overlooking the fishing port of Kawana, Izu.The first floor is occupied by a parking lot, the second floor is a driving rage.We designed building-wide wood deck in 4th floor to enjoy view of the Pacific.


用途: 別荘

協力: 内装設計/天然社

構造/規模: 鉄筋コンクリート造/4階建


所在地: 静岡県伊東市川奈

竣工: 2010年11月