Villa in Minamigaoka (Karuizawa)

Category: villa

Cooperation Furniture: COMPLEX

Construction: Woody koubou Takano

Structure / Scale: Wooden / Tsuya building

Building / Total floor area: 171.57㎡/136.57㎡

Location: Karuizawa-machi,Saku-gun,Nagano-ken

Date: 2014/12

It is a villa in a flat shop built in Karuizawa Minamigahiga which is an old villa ground. The building is brought to the south side of the site, and the window is opened to the bright forest of Mizunara and the birch forest on the north side. In the large living room with climbing beam ceiling, we arrange wood stove and direct unusuality of villa.


用途: 別荘

協力: 家具/COMPLEX

施工: ウッディー工房鷹野(佐久市)

構造/規模: 木造/平屋建

建築/延床面積: 171.57㎡/136.57㎡

所在地: 長野県北佐久郡軽井沢町

竣工: 2014年12月